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Day Two


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So...today was busy....we hit the Portabello Market, with hundreds of bobbles, antiques, textiles, clocks, watches, and food for sale.

We then moved on to the British Museum where we learned about Partheonon artifacts and mummification. It was free to visit so we milked it before we headed onto the Tower of London. In pounds the cost was only £16 each, however, with our ever so valuable dollar it cost is $64!!!! The tour was "free" and we learned about all of Henry's wives and their executions along with viewing the Crown Jewels.
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After the tower, we headed back to towards the hotel where we thought we would have a beer in a local laid back pub. Instead, the Futbol game just ended and we were situated in a local Chelsea pub with a bunch of wild Chelsea Futbol fans who just won their equivalent to the Superbowl!! day_2_and_day_3_004.jpg Mark was presented with and eventually struck with a stalk of celery....for some reason celery in Chelsea is very popular. The Chelseians sing a chant that goes..."celery, celery, celery,....you better make her cum...if you don't, just tickle her bum with a stalk of... celery, celery, celery....." it goes on and on. There was celery all over the floor of this bar and Mark's contact came out of his eye when he was struck with a stalk of it!!!

We then ate dinner at an Italian restaurant. We had pizza and pasta that was very good.

All for now....love ya!

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Getting here and day one in London

semi-overcast 18 °C

Well, here we are....in London!! Getting here was easy. Well kind of.
The toughest decision, to start, was making the most of the room left in Megan's carry on. She could only fit one more item before leaving the truck at the airport.....she debated......chocolate chips or travel Scrabble? Chocolate chips or travel Scrabble? She repeated this over and over until finally she tucked the chocolate chips under the seat of my truck and slid travel Scrabble into her already full back pack. Okay! Now, we're ready!


The flight was on time going from Indy to Cleveland. I reminded Megan of my "big score" for our flight from Cleveland to London. That's right exit row seats, baby!! Or at least I thought it was a score until we got to our seats and Megan reminded me that exit row seats don't recline. Not only do they not recline, but thery're also slightly inverted...so we flew across the Atlantic, 6 hours, with our chins touching our belly buttons. So much for sleeping...it just wasn't happening. It was so bad I even gave into Megan's request for 2 bottles of $5 wine and a round of Scrabble.

We arrived in London at 7:15AM. Getting through immigration wasn't as easy as I remembered. Some definite process improvement opportunities, here. After about an hour, we were through and on our way to getting our luggage and buying train tickets. After one train, and two Tube rides, we arrived in Kensington, where our hotel is. It was now 10:15 AM, three hours after we landed, and Megan and I both were in need of a shower and a bed. We meandered the streets and eventually found our hotel, Base 2 Stay. We checked in, but needed to buy some time until our room was ready with some breakfast. By 12:30, we were napping peacefully in our "king" size bed (two twins pushed together).
By 3PM, we were showered up and hit the streets. We hopped on the Tube and made our way to Knightsbridge where the famous Harrods department store is. I didn't have a clue, but Megan insisted we needed to see this. It was pretty amazing to see this place, but I was ready to get out there about the time Megan started talking souveniers and designer doggie collars!

From Harrod's we went to Hyde Park, the Wellington monument, Buckingham Palace, the Guard Museum, the Thames River and Big Ben. It was a beautiful day and we just kept walking until it finally turned blustery and chilly. We got on the Tube again and took it back to Earl's Court, where our hotel is.

We just finished dinner at an Indian restaurant. It was my first Indian food experience and it was actually pretty good. Megan was proud.
We're off to a pub and then turning in for the night.....need to be rested for tomorrow's adventures!!

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